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When I bake for family and friends, nothing makes me happier than seeing the joy on their cake-eating faces! I started Make Bake® because I wanted to create beautiful, easy to use, and 100% kid friendly baking products so that anyone can make treats that surprise and delight.

Starting with Stickies™ – the stickers you can eat! They work just like regular stickers so you can literally decorate in seconds or you can let your littles in on the fun.
Stickies™ are nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free and kosher certified. Basically, Stickies™ are for everyone! Each theme is designed in collaboration with an independent artist – and dang do we have fun making them! 
I hope Stickies™ will inspire you to make something delightful with the ones you love...
Mama. Baker. Designer. Founder.