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Flower Fun Stickies®

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Sticker Sheets
Sticker & Sprinkle Kit
Confetti Cake Kit
Sticker Bulk Bag

Stickies® are the stickers you can eat! 

Surprise and delight your littles with flower Stickies®! Perfect for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pancakes, ice cream sandwiches, yogurt, chocolate and more... just peel, stick, eat!

  • 100% edible and super kid-friendly
  • Vanilla-flavored, melt-in-your mouth sugar "paper"
  • Allergen friendly: no peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten or eggs
  • Available with matching sprinkles

Stickies®  are the adorable, edible flower cupcake topper and cake decoration. Whether you bake or buy, Stickies™ edible stickers make kids' flower birthday party supplies and everyday family baking oh-so-fun and easy!

Available Options

  • Sticker Sheets include 2 sheets/24 edible stickers per pack
  • Sticker & Sprinkles Kits include 2 sheets plus 2 oz. matching Confetti Crunch™ sprinkles
  • Confetti Cake Kits include 2 sheets plus 6 oz. matching Confetti Crunch™ sprinkles (enough to bake into one 2 layer 8" cake or 24 cupcakes and also decorate the outside). 
  • Bulk Sticker Bags include 6 sheets (72 edible stickers) in a bulk bag. Great for decorating parties, food service, professional bakers.


Designed by Lisa Koesterke

Flower Fun was illustrated Lisa Koesterke. Lisa is a freelance illustrator and designer with a sweet tooth and a love for bold colours and playful patterns, living the dream at the Italian seaside. She's created bright and cheerful illustrations for Snapchat, Papyrus, Quarto Children's Books and lots more!

More designs by Lisa >


How To Use Stickies®

Using clean dry hands, peel off a Stickies® and apply directly to freshly frosted or iced cakes, cupcakes, cookies or any other food with a bit of moisture:

  • Apply directly frosting, icing, yogurts, ice creams, pancakes or any other foods that are slightly "tacky" or moist.
  • For chocolate, candy melts, or other dry foods, apply a small amount of water to the back of the Stickies® with a pastry brush before applying and allow to set for a few minutes before serving.
  • Stickies®can be applied up to one day ahead of serving but we recommend applying the same day.
  • Stickies® are light sensitive, so keep any extras in a sealed bag, away from sunlight. Best when used within a few weeks of opening.


Ingredients: Stickies® (Water, Corn Starch, Corn Syrup, Cellulose, Corn Syrup Solids, Oil, Modified Starch, Glycerin, Polysorbate, Vanilla, FD&C Food Colors, Citric Acid). May contain soy. Kosher certified. Approximately 2 calories per edible sticker.

Confetti Crunch™ Sprinkles (Icing Sugar, Palm Kernel Oil, Sugar Syrup, Water, Glucose, FD &C Food Colors, Carnauba Wax). Kosher certified at the time of production but repackaged at a secondary facility not yet certified.

All products produced on dedicated equipment free from peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, gluten and eggs. Products of U.S.A. and Canada. Artwork is copyrighted by the respective artist.